Emergency Vet in Cary, NC

Our after hours veterinary care team is here to provide 24-7 emergency vet services and weekday rehabilitation for your four-legged family.

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Exceptional Veterinary Care in The Triangle

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide urgent care and after hours veterinary care to pets in Cary, NC and the surrounding areas. Our animal hospital offers comprehensive treatment options, a full array of in-house diagnostics, intensive care, and so much more. We’re always here to help your best friends.


Whether your dog or cat is recovering from an injury or surgery, you have a canine athlete or you have a senior pet that needs pain management, our comprehensive rehabilitation services will help them feel their best.

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Is It An Emergency?

If your pet is experiencing any of the following, please visit an animal hospital and seek urgent veterinary care immediately:

Abnormal gum color, such as dark red, white, or blue gums
Bleeding, including blood in urine or stool
Convulsions or fainting
Eye problems, such as redness, discharge, or a foreign object in the eye
Pain, such as limping or crying when touched
Urination changes, including decreased urination
Appetite changes, such as refusing to eat or drink
Trouble breathing, including persistent coughing
Dramatic, unexplained weight loss
Lethargy, or a noticeable decrease in energy
Repeated vomiting or diarrhea
Fever (T>103F) or not cooling off after being outside

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually strive to deliver the best treatment possible to our patients, while providing excellent communication to owners, in a collaborative environment of our doctors and staff, primary veterinarians, and veterinary specialists.

Veterinary Emergency Care serves as a resource to owners and referring veterinarians 24-7, providing high quality urgent veterinary care. Veterinary Rehabilitation Hospital provides comprehensive pain management and rehabilitation services to pets to help them return to a fully functioning lifestyle.

We have a unique place in the local veterinary community – supporting the care of patients while also coordinating with local primary veterinarians and needed veterinary specialists. The quality of each employee’s work has a direct effect on our reputation and these relationships.

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Veterinary Rehabilitation Hospital in Cary

If your pet is recovering from surgery, is limping after an injury, or has chronic pain or arthritis, physical rehabilitation and multi-modal pain management can accelerate their healing process.

Our veterinarians use a comprehensive physical exam to help identify areas of pain and dysfunction, and then works with your to develop a treatment plan to speed your pet’s recovery and minimize pain.

Some of the most common conditions we treat include:

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Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injuries
Spine animated graphic
Intervertebral Disk Disease
Hip bone animated graphic
Hip Dysplasia
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Muscle & Nerve Injuries
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Can not say enough good things about this clinic. They’ve done a great job of taking care of my Labrador retriever. Their work is second to none. Thank you Dr. Keller.

Joseph K.

We took our cat here late one evening and had amazing service. All of the staff were very helpful, friendly, and took wonderful care of our pet.

Ashley N.

We had to take our bulldog puppy in for some stomach issues, and they couldn’t have treated him better. He was treated in a timely fashion, considering I know my puppy was not the most serious case they were dealing with on a Sunday night. I couldn’t be happier with the services, the charges were no worse than my normal vet.

Floyd H.

Dr. Shults was great and explained everything very clearly. I loved that I could see the exam via Facetime. I also really love that I can log and view the exercises online. The whole experience was great. The one on one time with the doctor was very much appreciated.

T Perez

Dr. Keller, Dr. Shults and the staff have all been amazing; I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my pup! She’s healing and recovering beautifully. But more than that, my (very anxious) dog isn’t afraid to go back on a regular basis for her PT, and I’ve been able to see their loving care with her as much as she seems to feel it.

Melissa W.

The level of care our dog received today was outstanding in every way. All treatments were explained fully and both the DVM and the rehab tech took great care in treating our dog. Client communication and patience with our dog was superior.

Anne L.

We have been coming for PT water treadmill sessions and electroshock therapy and everyone has been patient, helpful, and accommodating. Knowledgeable staff who makes sure we have all the facts and understand them.

Dianne H.

Staff was polite and courteous. The hospital was also very fast, and the doctor listened and considered all of my observations of my pet’s symptoms very carefully. I would recommend this veterinary emergency care to anyone in the Triangle.

Zach W.

All the staff was very friendly and accommodating. I felt they all were trying their best to make my dog feel comfortable and to help her recover from surgery. The great customer service I received is what I really appreciated. I felt like my questions were always answered.

Kristine R.

We had a great experience. We were impressed with the amount of time that was given to thoroughly evaluate our dog and also with the gentle, patient way he was examined. We’re excited to continue working with Dr Schultz to help our doggy stay comfortable and strong!

Michelle D.

I could not have asked for a better emergency care center! Dr. Yunker was thorough and took the time to explain what was going on with my puppy. I know what the next steps are and feel that she received the best care here. VERY satisfied. Also, all the staff’s patience, knowledge, and willingness to answer questions (as well as the low cost of treatment) make Quartet a five-star emergency care service.

Andrea V.

Took our Clumber Spaniel here last week because she was having problems urinating and being it was Sunday morning, her usual vet was closed. They took Piper right in, showed great empathy towards both of us, and went above and beyond in the care they provided. Thank you to all the great folks here!

Cassie W.

Everyone from beginning to end was very nice & helpful. Extremely caring people. It’s never good news when bringing in your loved one for an emergency, but the people that work here understand that and are very compassionate.

Vishal P.

No other vet in the area had fast availability, but I don’t feel like I settled at all by going here. The staff was really responsive, they were able to get my cat into surgery pretty fast and they most definitely saved his life. Feel confident going here, they’ll take care of your pet.

Nik B.

This team cares. We were scared driving there. We drove home relieved and truly cared for. If you have a pet emergency this is the place to go. Thank you team Quartet. You are the best. Angus says “thank you” too!

Jared R.

They have a very caring attitude, and compassionate team. I’ve been there a few times between my dog and cat, and they’ve always provided top notch veterinary care!

Marty M.