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Thank you for your support of our hospital! Please submit the appropriate referral form below, and email your patient’s pertinent medical records and radiographs. If you have any questions about your case, please call the hospital and we will be happy to assist. Rehabilitation related questions are best answered M-F, 8 am – 6 pm.


Our emergency veterinarians are staff are available to discuss potential referrals 24/7. If you are transferring a patient, we would love to talk to you to ensure the transfer proceeds as smoothly as possible. We have several referral forms depending on your needs:

  • Transfer of a patient: For patients with a current in-patient treatment plan
  • Emergency referral: For sick patients who need diagnostics and treatment
  • Outpatient ultrasound: For stable patients; the ultrasound report will be sent to you for discussion with your client


If you have a patient who needs pain management, rehabilitation after surgery, or diagnosis of a lameness, we are happy to schedule a consult.

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*PLEASE NOTE: Emergency will honor a discounted exam fee for clients that are transferring from a referring hospital with a COMPLETE CARE PLAN in place. A care plan includes a completed transfer form and copies of diagnostics performed. Otherwise, our regular ER examination fee will apply.*