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Is This An Emergency?

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We are available to provide prompt, compassionate care for your pets when you have an emergency or urgent medical situation when your primary care veterinarian is unavailable or refers you to our hospital for treatment.We do not offer routine pet care such as vaccines, spays or neuters, or dental cleanings.

Some emergencies are obvious but some serious conditions that could be life-threatening to your pet may not. You know when your pet is not feeling well and you should always assess whether or not they may need immediate help.

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If your pet has any of the following conditions, you should take them to see a veterinarian right away.


Bleeding from any part of the body; excessive blood in the urine or stool.


Many repeated episodes in a short period, or intermittently over a period of days or weeks.


Violent shaking of the head or body with uncontrolled spasms; loss of consciousness.


Lack of normal tolerance for exercise; reduced energy or playfulness.


Limping or favoring a leg; crying or showing signs of pain when touched.

Appetite Changes

Refusing food or water; eating more or less than usual.

Breathing Problems

Shortness of breath, extending head and neck to breathe; wheezing.

Weight Loss

Dramatic unexplained loss in body weight, or gradual weight loss over weeks or months.

Eye Problems

Redness, discharge, squinting, cloudiness of the eye; a foreign object in the eye, or difficulty seeing.

Urination Changes

Urinating larger amounts, urinating frequently, urinating only small drops, or difficulty urinating at all.

Abnormal Gum Color

Gums should be pink; gums that are dark red, white, pale or blue can be a sign of an emergency.