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What to Expect

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What to Expect at the Emergency Vet

A pet emergency is a family emergency. That’s why the team at Veterinary Emergency Care is here to answer your questions and give you a preview of what to expect during your emergency vet visit before you walk through the doors.

Veterinary Emergency Care is an after- hours facility that provides emergency medical and surgical services for your pets when your regular veterinarian is not available. We act as an extension of your veterinarian’s health care. We have staff present 24/7 to care for hospitalized patients, but encourage you to see to your regular veterinarian during the day.  We want you to know what to expect as we work with you to provide quality medical attention for your injured or ill pet.


On arrival, your pet will be assessed by a staff member to see if they require immediate assistance, and to determine the seriousness of the problem. You will be given an admission form to complete at each visit to our hospital. Please understand that patients requiring more urgent attention will be seen by the doctor right away, even if they have arrived after you.

Emergency vet appointment

Physical Exam

You and your pet will be taken into an exam room, where your pet’s vitals signs are taken. Once this information is relayed, the veterinarian will examine your pet and ask questions to help determine the nature of the problem. If your pet is seriously ill, they may be taken directly to the veterinarian for immediate attention, and we will give you an update as soon as possible.

Dog receiving comprehensive exam


You and the veterinarian will decide how best to proceed with treatment of your pet. You will be provided with a treatment plan, and a comprehensive estimate for cost of care. If your pet has to be hospitalized, you will be asked for a deposit that is equal to half of the estimate. You will be informed if there are any major changes in your pet’s condition, treatment plan or estimated cost of care.

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Fees and Payment

Emergency assessment and exam fees are charged for each patient, which cover the initial examination and consultation with our veterinarian. Please contact the clinic for information regarding the amount of these fees.

All other services, treatments and diagnostics are additional. A staff member will provide an estimate of charges prior to doing any treatments or diagnostics in addition to the emergency assessment and exam.

We will ask for a deposit if your animal is being hospitalized and require payment in full when your animal is discharged.

Emergency Vet Questions

How long do emergency vet visits take?

Visits to the emergency vet can last for hours or more depending on the type and severity of your pet’s injury or illness.

How long are wait times at the emergency vet?

At Veterinary Emergency Care, wait times can vary day-to-day. That being said, our staff is dedicated to diligently triaging each and every patient to ensure they receive the highest standard of care.

How much does an emergency vet visit cost?

Costs will vary based on a wide range of factors. That being said, all patients are charged an assessment fee, while treatments and diagnostics will be charged separately. All visitors will be provided with an estimate prior to the completion of any treatment.