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Integrative Herbal Medicine

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Holistic Veterinary Care

Depending on your treatment goals, a combination of conventional and alternative therapies may provide the best outcome for your pet. Holistic veterinary care is a whole-body approach, observing apparent causes of concern in your pet’s health, lifestyle changes, physical manifestations of illness and more.

Integrative Herbal Medicine

Veterinary Emergency Care uses pharmaceutical medications, dietary supplements, herbal remedies, and other therapies to provide your pet with a well-rounded treatment plan. Rehabilitation medicine is inclusive in its approach to treatment, including various modalities depending on your pet’s needs.

Integrative herbal medicine is ideal for:

  • Geriatric or debilitated patients
  • Pets with concurrent medical conditions (e.g. metabolic disease or mobility concerns
  • Pets with additional pain control needs, either alongside or in place of pharmaceuticals
  • Pets experiencing delayed healing or other surgical complications
  • Pets needing dietary adjustments
  • Pet owners procuring and using herbs/nutraceuticals from an outside source
  • Any pet owners who express interest in herbs, holistic medicine, or other modalities unfamiliar to the veterinarian (e.g. light therapy, reiki, essential oils, etc.)

How can herbs benefit my pet?

Herbal medicine uses plants to support health and healing. Whether you’re looking to aid your pet’s digestive health and immune system, or want to improve their dental hygiene or coat, the right combination of herbs can benefit your pet’s health. It’s essential to consult your veterinarian before starting herbal remedies in order to get an appropriate formulation.

Are there any risks associated with veterinary herbal medicine?

There are thousands of herbal products available for your pet, but they aren’t all worth a purchase. Some products lack an effective concentration of key ingredients, while others may interact with your pet’s medications and supplements. To give your pet the best possible treatment, your veterinarian should be able to evaluate and determine what supplements are needed.

How can I learn more about herbal medicine for my pet?

Dr. Yunker at Veterinary Emergency Care loves talking about herbs! If you’re interested in learning more about herbal or holistic medicine, contact her directly by submitting your questions below.

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