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Thank you for your support and referrals over the last 8 years! We have been blessed to have your support and have loved working with each of you to keep your dogs as happy and mobile as possible. In the fall of 2016, we moved to our current location on Carpenter Fire Station Road. This stimulated a rebrand, including the Animal Emergency Clinic of Cary, Veterinary Rehabilitation & Pain Management Hospital, and Veterinary Surgical Referral Practice to all market as part of Quartet Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital. While we each maintained ownership of our practices, we enjoyed working as a team to provide services to our referring practices, clients, and patients.

In December of 2020, Dr. Gallagher sold Veterinary Surgical Referral Practice to Encore Vet Group. This has necessitated operational changes for the Quartet building – but has not changed our priorities on excellent care of patients and communication with clients and referring veterinarians. We have continued to cooperate on emergency, surgical, and rehabilitative care of patients as we have been, so much so that many clients did not recognize this ownership change. The emergency practice is now called Veterinary Emergency Care, and the rehabilitation practice is now called Veterinary Rehabilitation Hospital with corresponding logos.

We started using a new phone number for Emergency and Rehabilitation in January of 2021 and also new emails for each practice around this same time. We have been working on developing a new website to encompass both Emergency and Rehabilitation, as we have no control over the Quartet website, now under the control of Quartet-Surgery/Encore Vet Group. The Rehabilitation website is at, the web address we used prior to the move to Quartet. The Emergency address is at, also what we used prior to the move to Quartet. We are adding new information to the websites about the new services being offered through Rehabilitation over the last 2 years, new blog posts, and information to be used in case of pet emergencies. We are working to develop new social media sites and marketing materials with the new logos; both practices are on Facebook as well (VetRehabNC & CaryERvet).

We do want to reassure our clients that we are not part of a corporation and have no intention of selling. Dr. Jennifer Jones Shults is the sole owner of our Rehabilitation & Emergency practices. Our family has strong ties to the Triangle and we love working with our clients to keep their dogs and cats as healthy as possible. We have developed a core team of doctors and staff that love the Triangle area and your pets as well. We appreciate your support over the years, and hope that you feel good continuing to bring your pets to us for care. We hope that your family is doing well through these challenging times – please let us know if you have suggestions for how we can support your furry partners better or how to promote these practice changes to our valued clients and potential clients.


Jennifer Jones Shults, DVM, CCRT, CVSMT